mediation Fees for Limited civil actions:

  1. $150.00/hour for the first two hours; $350.00/hour thereafter.

  2. $1,400 for a half day (4 hours)

  3. $2,800 for a full day (8 hours)

mediation fees for Unlimited civil Cases:

  1. $250.00/hour for the first two hours; $450.00/hour thereafter.

  2. $1,750 for a half day (4 hours)

  3. $3,500 for a full day (8 hours)

  4. There is a two hour minimum.

General Rules for Both Limited and Unlimited civil Cases:

  1. There is a two hour minimum.

  2. Any time beyond three hours will be billed at the half day rate.

  3. When there are more than two parties involved, there will be an additional hour added to the minimum time for each additional party in order to allow adequate time with each party to try and resolve the matter. (For example, if there are 2 defendants and 1 plaintiff, or, 2 plaintiffs and 1 defendant, there will be a 3 hour minimum scheduled for the mediation.)

  4. The Mediation deposit is payable upon receipt of the invoice and the balance due is payable 14 days prior to the mediation. The Mediation deposit consists of 50% of the cost of the reserved time for the mediation. The parties shall share the cost equally and shall be invoiced as such. If other arrangements are made the parties shall work that out amongst themselves or provide the mediator with a signed agreement in writing.

  5. Travel time and expenses are not charged for cases conducted in San Diego County, Orange County and Los Angeles County; however the Parties are responsible for costs associated with conference room facilities or another appropriate neutral location (such as a court reporter’s office) to hold the mediation. Mediations conducted in other cities and states will incur fees for travel.

*A complete Fee Schedule is available upon request. Travel may incur extra charges, please contact the office for details.  Complex matters have separate fees.